Anonymous: I see your point, the words of an anonymous person on the internet don't necessarily carry much weight. May life bring you the happiness that all creatures deserve.

Thank you. For all the advice

Anonymous: I've known Wolves for a long time. A bond between two or more wiling people is strong, a bond involving at least one Wolf is powerful. A Wolf needs it's Pack, the Spirit is restless without one. Just know that some bonds are difficult, if not impossible, to break. As for your pain, nobody should have to go through pain alone. Especially a Wolf, your Pack can help you endure almost anything.

Thanks… but do you know me?

Anonymous: Slow is fine, but maybe you need someone who you can open your heart to, who is willing to take all your pain and sorrow into themself. Perhaps a best or close friend, family, maybe you call them pack or something else. Just don't let it eat away at your soul.

What do you know about pack.. don’t mean to sound rude but it’s a soar subject. ..and I am responsible for my own pain..or the way I go about getting past it.

"I’ve always loved the idea of not being what people expect me to be."

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Sick of how the past likes to come calling right when I’m having a good streek of happy days. Maybe I’m just to dam tired of fighting the inevitable. There will always be traits that follow just like the X or things in the long since past that instill hate and repeats in the people you love most and tears at the scars in your heart. I have such high standards because I’ve already been there already seen and had things done to me ..I made it this far without the drugs and sex and money and power and popularity. ..I did fine and for that reason would expect that everyone can be that least half as strong ..I’m tired of the excuses and bullshit. I want and deserve more out of life and love.

Anonymous: Your pain seems so great, there must be somebody in your life that can wash it away?

There is’s a slow process but it’s progress.