I don’t expect flowers. I dont expect love letters, pictures, or simple notes or gestures that say you were thinking of me. I don’t get any of those anyway. ..
Truth is even though I’m not the most feminine of girls I still want to be treated like the center of your attention. I want to know I’m worth the time it takes for the small things.

Watch "DARK SOULSH - Height of Despair" on YouTube

DARK SOULSH - Height of Despair:

Lol …super funny ..and kind of sad

Anonymous: Well, I suppose you'll always have the Internet to talk to. And me for what it's worth.

Honestly i don’t care much for the Internet

Anonymous: Love leaves wounds deeper than any blade. I hope things get better for you, I also hope it is worth it. On another note, were you able to reconnect with any of your old friends?

No I haven’t spoken with anyone. I’m kind of in shut down mode

Anonymous: My name is Joshua.

I’m ashley