Anonymous: I wish there was something more I could do for you, but all I can offer you at the moment is occasional advice and an ear to listen.

Thank you for that

Anonymous: If the person you Love makes you think you might be better off living alone in the wild, it sounds like they don't deserve your Love. There are only a few reasons to be disappointed in yourself, but wanting someone you Love to treat you proper is not one of them. Problem is, Love doesn't have an off switch. It either shines forever or burns out on its own. I truly hope you find happiness soon...

Thank you I agree you should not have you fight for love . It’s just not fair. I’m so angry about it and so tired of being the one who cares most and comes out screwed over every time

Anonymous: Not that I think you'll actually tell me, but what is wrong?

Small heart breaks here and there. Just frustrated with the current time in my life. And wondering if I’d be better off disappearing to some country or place alone to be free and wild as I want so as to not be disappointed in myself for wanting and expecting more from the person I love. ..